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Moscow, Russia
     We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for a variety of events - conferences, seminars, presentations, negotiation sessions, etc.

     Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter is speaking at the same time as the speaker. Usually, the interpreter sits in a special booth and his or her voice is broadcast to miniature receiving units which are given out to each of the event participants. Simultaneous interpretation offers a number of clear advantages:
     It saves time. If the speaker and the interpreter need to take turns to speak (this is called consecutive interpretation), this takes at least twice as long as simultaneous interpretation, and puts an unnecessary time burden on participants with busy work schedules.
     It saves money. Imagine how costs will spiral for the organizers of an international conference (lease of facilities, room and board, etc.) if the event lasts four days instead of two for the simple reason that they are using consecutive instead of simultaneous interpretation.
     It is convenient for the participants. Many conference and seminar participants today know and understand one or more foreign languages, and would prefer to listen to the speakers' presentations in their original language, without interpretation. They do not have this choice with consecutive interpretation, when the speaker pauses every few phrases while everyone in the audience listens to the interpreter. Simultaneous interpretation is completely different: it is unobtrusive, it does not inconvenience anybody, and you can start or stop listening to it whenever you want simply by turning the receiver on or off.

     Of course, all of this does not mean that there is no place at all for consecutive interpretation. Consecutive interpretation can be a suitably convenient solution for negotiations, business trips, or short presentations where most of the participants do not understand the speaker's language, for example.
     The main advantages of consecutive interpretation are its lower cost in comparison with simultaneous interpretation, and the fact that it does not require any special equipment.
     Of course, we also offer consecutive interpretation services.

     On top of simultaneous interpretation equipment, we also offer sound amplification systems, multimedia and slide projectors, wireless microphones, and just about any other equipment you may require for your conference or other event. If needed, we can also arrange for video and/or audio recording of the proceedings. You can find out more about the equipment we can provide in the next section.