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     We use a wide range of equipment in our work - everything from portable radio transmitter/receiver systems for 15-20 people that don't require extensive setup, to large infrared systems that can provide simultaneous interpretation for several hundred people at once. The choice of system depends on a number of factors, such as the format of the event and the number of participants.

     This compact and inexpensive radio system is an ideal solution when only a small number of people (20 or less) require interpretation and the event has a limited budget. No interpretation booth is required. The interpreter sits with a portable transmitter next to the speaker, and each participant has a personal receiver on which he or she can listen to the interpretation anywhere within a radius of approximately 100 meters from the interpreter. This system is also ideal for use during tours (including of industrial facilities) where interpretation is required.

     For large conferences, seminars, and roundtables, we recommend the Brahler ICS and Philips conference interpretation systems. These are large systems consisting of numerous components (interpreter's control panel, sound engineer's mixing board, amplifiers, infrared transmitters, etc.) which can handle virtually any number of participants. Depending on the configuration, these systems take 1-2 hours to set up and calibrate. They work using infrared signals (like a TV remote control), and are therefore not susceptible to outside radio interference from mobile phones, security walkie-talkies, and other high-frequency electronic equipment. The Brahler and Philips systems are also multiple-channel, which means that they can be used to provide simultaneous interpretation to or from several different languages at the same time.

     In addition to our simultaneous interpretation systems, we offer a range of other equipment that you may require for your event, such as projectors (including multimedia), screens, sound systems, wireless microphones (for questions from the floor), LCD monitors, and video and audio recording gear for documenting the proceedings.